Sackville Vibrant Pre-Rolled Cones 6 Pack xld

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Color: Pink

Sackville's pre-rolled cones come in 4 colors that not only look cute but also help to categorize your joints if you want to organize your stash of Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids or CBD-forward flower!

Each pack comes with 6 individual cones that can each be filled with up to 1 gram of ground herb. The cones are made with unbleached rice paper and are sealed with Arabic gum.

Our vibrant pre-rolled cones are the super-cute way to enjoy your favorite strain without the hassle of rolling your own. Pre-rolled cones make it easy to get an even burn every single time. Our vibrant color is the perfect pink pick to bring your aesthetic no matter where you go. Pre-rolls are the perfect size for passing around and make it easy to get an even burn that is sure to please everyone in your group. From big gatherings to small, intimate settings, pre-rolled cones are always a great choice.