Product Transfer

When transferring a product for an order from your location to another Oneness location, please follow these steps...

  • Put the product(s) in a clear poly bag.
  • Fold the bag and tape it shut to secure the product(s) inside.
  • Print a blank 4x6 label and write the order number, customer name, notes on what's missing and what it needs to be paired with.
  • In the event the order is a local pickup, write the location of the pickup on the label as well.

Also, each retail location must have a dedicated local pickup area. This will ensure the items are easy to locate and provide to the customer, and/or pair with any missing items. This will also prevent items from getting lost, refunded, or sent back to the warehouse. 

If you need clear poly bags, please alert the warehouse. 

Dre will be in charge of making sure everyone is doing this correctly. Email with any suggestions for improvement.