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Employee Time Off

Full Time Employees that have worked for Oneness at least 6 months are eligible for paid time off (PTO) unless otherwise specified by State or Provincial Laws. PTO includes Vacation, Sick, and Personal Days. 

Email nick@nickfenton.com at least two weeks in advance to request Vacation and/or Personal Days. Approval is likely unless someone else has already requested the same days off.

Amount of paid days per category are as follows...

  • Vacation - 5 days per year (must be taken in full day or half day intervals)
  • Sick - 5 days per year (must be taken in full day intervals)
  • Personal - 2 days per year (may be taken in hourly intervals)

Each biweekly pay stub will reflect your remaining balance of hours per PTO category. 8 hours is equal to one full day. 

All PTO hours are reset on January 1st of each new year. Any remaining balance from the prior year is null and void. 

Employees that have worked Full Time for Oneness at least one full year will receive the balance of their PTO paid in full in the event of separation (retirement, layoff, termination, etc).

Contact nick@nickfenton.com with any questions. Enjoy your time off!