A MA MANIERE AJ1 release info

A MA MANIERE AJ1 release info

Oneness is using this moment to highlight our friends @blacksoilky.

Black soil’s mission is to reconnect black Kentuckians to their legacy and heritage in agriculture. They are a non-profit that supports local black farmers across Kentucky. Representing 1.4% of the primary farm operators in the state, black farmers account for less than 600 of the more than 76,000 agricultural operations in Kentucky.

Today we introduce Kenya Abraham from @Slakmarketfarm SMF is a micro-dairy where the Abraham family specializes in the production of their signature raw milk and halal meat products.

Kenya is wearing the Air Jordan 1 High designed by our @maniere_usa family. We are holding an live in-store raffle for this shoe at both Oneness locations Friday December 3rd at 5pm.

To us, this sneaker stood for more than just a weekend release.

10% of Friday’s sales will be donated to Black Soil and SMF in support of their mission. #OneInNumber